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Founded on September 23, 1963 by unanimous decision of a group of top-qualified retreading companies, AIRP now represents the whole tyre retreading industry in Italy.


  • To foster and follow activities in defence of industry and members.
  • To sponsor activities supporting and increasing the importance of the tyre retreading industry socially, technically and economically.
  • To defend and represent legitimate business interests with authorities, boards, public and private institutions, national and international associations.
  • To foster institutional synergies and cooperations for business expansion and development at national and international levels.
  • To deal with trade unions for regulation of branch collective agreements and business relations, meeting all requests for work legislation.
  • To entrust industry experts with market research and technical-economic studies.
  • To promote quality and professionalism. To foster technology update within the industry through working standards that develop hand in hand with industry and legislative innovations.
  • To develop communication activities and public relations that revive and promote the business and its image, as well as safety and environmental issues.
  • To support and give professional advice to members, within institutional limits, and carry out all tasks given by its social bodies in mutual business interests.
  • To give information and professional advice on industry regulations and on fiscal, environmental and workplace safety policies, through circulars, handbooks and workshops.
AIRP - Associazione Italiana Ricostruttori Pneumatici
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